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In July of 2013, I released a series of images which presented an idea of what female fashion dolls would look like with proportions of the average 19 year old American woman.

These images quickly went viral. HuffingtonPost, Today, Time, LA Times, GMA, CNN, and other media outlets featured my project. 

Soon, I had many people asking me, “where can we get a doll like this?”

In response to this, in March of 2014 I successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign which saw over 13,621 people preorder over 20,000 Lammily dolls. 

The existence of toys which provide positive, relatable body image is inarguably paramount to girls and women, but let us not forget that societal pressures concerning body image apply to boys and men as well.

It's time to take the next logical step and create the world's first realistically proportioned doll for boys!

lammily doll

Lammily Promotes a Healthy Body Image

The new Lammily doll is created according to the proportions of the average 19-year-old man.

Anthropometric data came from Dr. Reed from the University of Michigan.

See how Lammily compares to Ken doll in this blog post.


lammily doll

Lammily Redefines What It Means to Be Manly

He may not have a six-pack, but he has a fantastic sense of humor.

He may not have the biggest biceps, but he has a big heart.

He may not look like a runway model, but he values himself for who he truly is, and always makes sure to pay the same respect to others!

In following with these themes, a storybook pamphlet will be included with each doll illustrating his background story. 

You'll also be able to name your own Lammily doll with an online passport option.

For this brand new doll, you'll get to vote on what he does! Will this new Lammily doll be a Sports Lammily? An Entrepreneur Lammily? You decide! There'll be plenty of empowering selections to choose from.

At Lammily, we name our dolls based on what they do!




lammily doll

Lammily is Fun

Like the first Lammily doll, he has articulated elbows, hands, knees, and feet, so that he can move just like you. His hair is soft and feels real.

He's a cross between a wholesome doll and articulated action figure!

We created the world's first realistically proportioned fashion doll, which kids absolutley loved. And we'll make sure boys and girls love this new realisitcally proportioned boy doll as well.




lammily doll

Lammily is Ready for Production

A highly detailed, revised and acutely accurate 3D digital prototype of Lammily has been synthesized. The manufacturer will use this model to make the physical doll.

This same people, who brought to you the widely renowned Lammily doll, will need your help to cover the costs of tooling and molding this new product, and to meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity.


Be the Change

Lammily dolls have spearheaded a revolution amongst the doll market, re-innovating the idea of what a physical “idol” can and should be, encouraging parents and children to challenge the way they think of normative body image and, in the process, have largely influenced an entire toy industry.  

Time Magazine mentioned Lammily in its recent issue for influencing Barbie's evolution.

This time, we’re back and raring to show our boys, too, that real is beautiful. With your help, we are successfully breaking down traditional patterns of doll-making. Let's continue to support healthy bodies and minds.

Together, lets change the world; one doll at a time!

lammily doll

Exclusive First Edition Lammily

Backers have the special privilege of pre-ordering the exclusive first edition Lammily, which includes sneakers, denim shorts, and a plaid shirt.

Boy Lammily has appeared in major media, from Yahoo, to HuffingtonPost, to People. He was trending on Facebook!

Lammily Poster

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About Me

In May 2013 I was shopping for a doll for my niece. I was aware of the body image issues surrounding fashion dolls and held one of them in my hands. I thought to myself "It's 2013, surely they have the technology to make a realistically proportioned doll". So I launched a successful crowdfunding to make it a reality. We delivered on time before Christmas in 2014 to raving reviews.  Since then, we've released new and exciting products such as Lammily Marks, Period Party, and Photographer Lammily.





Nickolay Lamm


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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will boy Lammily have rooted or molded hair?

    He'll have rooted hair! We want him to be as real as possible.

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